As a leader in navigation and geospatial engineering, we have been on the forefront of maritime innovation for decades. Our involvement spans the design, development, and evolution of highly reliable geospatial navigation processing and navigation distribution products.
FairSeas Port Voyager supports port traffic management, in both web and desktop based configurations. This e-Navigation application reduces the risk of grounding through analysis, management, and distribution of ship specific route information focused on Under Keel Clearance (UKC).
FairSeas Unify provides the ability for both legacy and new electronic charting applications to use S-100 based products without the need for costly internal development efforts. Legacy applications only require web service client functionality to begin using S-100 information.
FairSeas DataHub provides the ability for applications to connect to real-time navigation sensors and retrieve information using standard processes. End users can dynamically connect to vessel sensors for recording and distribution to other software applications. Using a modular design architecture, multiple DataHubs can be connected for a holistic presentation of vessel sensor data.
The Geospatial Architecture (G-Arc) is a navigation grade Software Development Kit (SDK) that applications can use to develop navigational grade software solutions. The SDK is developed in C# and is .NET Core 5.0 compliant for cross platform utilization.