With a rich legacy in the maritime navigation and engineering industry, the GeoNavigation Technologies (GNT) team has helped shape the future of marine technology. By working with industry-leading organizations and partners, GNT provides geospatial products and tools that consider the unique domain of maritime navigation. These tools adhere to the new S-100 charting application requirements mandated by the International Hydrography Organization (IHO). With expert-level proficiency in hydrography, software engineering, meteorology, and other applied sciences, the GNT team houses an unmatched blend of maritime industry expertise. Navigation-grade software solutions you can trust provide mariners with the definitive situation awareness needed to improve overall safety.

Over 25 years as a leader in maritime navigation
GNT is a division of WR Systems, an engineering and technical firm with a rich history in maritime navigation. Our client base includes DoD, NAVSEA, NAVSUP, MARMC, US Army, US Coast Guard, and NATO.
100,000+ hours of product development
Over 5-years of development went into creating next-generation technology for the mariner. The developers and engineers of GNT bring in unparalleled technical and industry expertise.
7 Years of Experience with S-100 Requirements
For the last 7 years, our engineers and developers have worked first-hand with the IHO and NOAA. The S-100 standard framework impacts hydrographic, maritime, and GIS communities.
Navigation, Safety, Trust
Geospatial data makes next-generation navigation technology possible to ensure the safe and efficient passage for all maritime vessels. Situational awareness fosters better decision-making and safer transit. For mariners, that’s a clear picture of the horizon around them. The stakes are high in the maritime industry. All of GNT’s products are navigation-grade and built by industry-leading experts.

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GeoNavigation Technologies is a global solutions and services provider. We’re here to support your efforts from port to port, no matter where your journey takes you.

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